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Kostas Mylonas, Professor in Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology.

K. Mylonas has studied at the University of Athens, the University of Plymouth, and London University at University College London. He holds a B.A. in Greek Literature (1988), a B.Sc. in Psychology (1997), an M.Sc. in Experimental Methods in Psychology (1991), and a Ph.D. in Research Methods and Statistical-Metric Techniques in Psychology (1994). He was elected Lecturer in 2001, Assistant Professor (tenure track) in 2006, Assistant Professor in 2010, Associate Professor in 2012, and Professor in 2017.  Teaching cources (since 1997): Research Methods in Psychology, Statistics in the Behavioral Science, and Psychometrics (to the undergraduates of the Department of Psychology, and of the Department of Philosophy, Pedagogics and Psychology). At the postgraduate level: Research Methods, Statistics, and Psychometrics to the M.A. and M.Sc. students of: Teaching of Modern Greek as a Foreign Language, Teaching Chemistry and IT applications, Socio-Cultural Education and Further Education for Animateurs, Teaching IT and Digital Systems, Basic and Applied Cognitive Science, Organizational and Economic Psychology, Occupational Counseling and Guidance, School Psychology, and Clinical Psychology.  Publications: Two Theses, one booklet on Psychometrics, seven books (co-author), one textbook on Statistics Theory and Applications using MS-Excel, 37 Papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, 21 Chapters in peer-reviewed volumes, and 13 Proceedings papers; he has presented in more than 80 Greek and International Scientific Congresses, symposia & invited symposia, and invited lectures. He is the author of five published statistical methods-tecnhiques and author/co-author of 16 published psychometric tools-tests of Greek and International use.

Citations: 919.

This short CV was updated in June 2017. 

Full CV details (along with publications and all other scientific activities) can be found at http://users.uoa.gr/~kmylonas/Index.html

Office: cell 544

Office hours: Announced at the beginning of every semester at

http://www.psych.uoa.gr/an8ropino-dynamiko.html  , the Professor's notice board (544), and on e-class. 

Phone: +302107277584
kmylonas (at) psych.uoa.gr