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The Centre for Cross-Cultural Psychology focuses on the range and limitations in the universality of psychological theories. Also, it aims to explore cross-cultural similarities and differences in various domains of psychology and its applications in groups and individuals in Greece. The specific goals of the Centre for Cross-Cultural Psychology are as follows:

  • Design and conduct comparative cross-cultural studies, in collaboration with international colleagues and institutions, on various topics of psychological interest, such as child development, personality, cultural values, life satisfaction and mental health, political behavior, etc.
  • Study the acculturation processes, psychological adaptation and social integration of various ethnocultural and immigrant groups in the Greek society. 
  • Develop and implement interventions to reduce stereotypes and prejudice and to promote positive intercultural relations.
  • Support teaching/training programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with an emphasis on culturally aware theses and dissertations. 
  • Disseminate cross-cultural research findings by organizing and/or participating in scientific events, by publishing papers in peer-reviewed journals, and by producing training material for stakeholders.
  • Promote intercultural exchange and develop networks of cooperation with related institutions and organizations, in Greece and abroad.

The Centre for Cross-Cultural Psychology follows a tradition created by pioneering Greek psychologists in the field, such as Harry Triandis and James Georgas. It operates in the premises of the School of Philosophy (office 505, tel. 2107277523), under the supervision of the Department of Psychology. It is directed by associate professor Vassilis Pavlopoulos and it is staffed by Faculty, PhD candidates and postgraduate students with an interest in studying culture and psychology.