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The goal of the Centre for the Development of Creativity is to investigate specific characteristics and principles of creative thinking and the originality of ideas in all areas of human activities, particularly in mainstream education. The Centre studies how creative thinking processes, in conjunction with intelligence and motivation, formulate the necessary conditions for the production of exceptional achievements at school.

The Centre has been established due to the restrictions that still hold in today’s mainstream Greek educational system for the understanding and development of critical and original thinking, two elements of great importance for human mentality. Empirical research on creativity and giftedness has proved that the negative result of these one-sided restrictive practices is the formation of stereotypes for individuals of high abilities, skills and talents within the school community and the broader social context. The specific goals of the Centre for the Development of Creativity are as follows:

  • Conduct research in the Greek school community members, e.g., teachers, students, and parents.
  • Design and implement interventions to promote the creative/gifted/talented children’s and adolescents’ positive relationships, school adaptation and further development of their abilities within the family, school and community.
  • Develop networks of co-operation with other academic centers, departments, institutions, associations and scientific organizations in Europe to exchange good practices and strategies of enriching and differentiating the mainstream syllabus.

The Centre for the Development of Creativity operates in the premises of the School of Philosophy, under the supervision of the Department of Psychology.

Contact: School of Philosophy, 5th floor (office cell 544), tel. 2107277524, e-mail: creativity@psych.uoa.gr