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The aim of the Centre for the Study of Adaptation of High-Risk Groups is to study the psychosocial adaptation of individuals and groups living under adverse and stressful conditions (e.g., poverty, migration, earthquakes) and to identify the personal and environmental factors and processes that protect from the effects of these negative conditions. This type of research combines the study of psychological competence with adaptation difficulties, as well as the comparative study of normal vs. pathological behaviour. The Centre for the Study of Adaptation of High Risk Groups deals with:

  • conducting related studies in the Greek population,
  • co-operation with international academic institutes and research groups,
  • training undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students in the methodology of these studies,
  • providing educational-training work through lectures and publications addressed to the students and to the general population,
  • organizing seminars and events to inform related agencies, mental health specialists, educators, students and the general population about the findings of studies conducted at the Centre regarding psychological resilience,
  • implementing intervention programs in the Greek population and in other countries through co-operation with researchers in these countries.