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The aim of the Centre for the Study of Family is to conduct psychological research on the structure and functions of the Greek family, especially with regards to child development and socialization processes.

The establishment and operation of the Centre for the Study of the Family is an opportunity for cooperation of the major fields in Psychology, i.e., Developmental Psychology (human development and socialization), Social Psychology (family as a social institution), and Clinical Psychology (family as a context where mental health problems are expressed and dealt with). Specifically, the Centre for the Study of the Family:

  • conducts empirical research in the Greek population regarding family structure and functioning;
  • develops psychometric tools for the evaluation of family-related the psychological and social dimensions;
  • undertakes teaching-training work through lectures and seminars; and
  • co-operates with Schools for Parents as well as with other institutions of related interests (e.g., Youth Centres, Substance Abuse Treatment Centres, Secretariat for Equality, etc).

The Centre operates in the School of Philosophy (Psychological Laboratory, 5th floor, office cell 544).