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The Department of Psychology implements a new Program of Postgraduate Studies in Clinical Psychology as from the academic year 2015-16. The aim of the PPS in Clinical Psychology is to educate and provide specialization of psychologists in Clinical Psychology. Clinical Psychology is an applied field of psychology that concerns the study of mental health and psychopathology of individuals and groups. Specifically, it encompasses the study of the psychological function of the person, as well as addressing psychological disorders and dysfunctions. Moreover, Clinical Psychology studies everyday functioning and adaptation of individuals (e.g. school adjustment, family and interpersonal relations, work and achievements, etc). Clinical Psychology encompasses the following areas:

  • assessment and diagnosis with psychometric means;
  • multifaceted clinical psychological treatment of persons, families and/or groups who are faced with psychological dysfunctions and disorders;
  • prevention of psychological dysfunctions and disorders on an individual and community level; and
  • research in the areas of assessment-diagnosis, intervention and prevention.

The website of the Programme Postgraduate Studies in Clinical Psychology is under construction. 

For details of the Postgraduate Programme in Clinical Psychology visit the following link:

Postgraduate Programme in Clinical Psychology