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The Department of Psychology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens issues a Degree in Psychology after the successful completion of at least eight semesters. Holders of a degree of Psychology may obtain a license to practice in the field of psychology.

The academic year is divided into two teaching periods, i.e., the winter and spring semesters.

In order for a student to complete his/her studies and receive a Bachelor’s Degree (Ptychion) in Psychology, s/he must:

  • successfully attend 53 courses (lectures and seminars), which total 159 credits (208.5 ECTS), of them 78 credits (130 ECTS) from required courses and 54 credits (54 ECTS) from elective courses; 
  • successfully attend the Degree Thesis Seminar, equivalent to 3 credits (or 3 ECTS) and conduct a Degree Thesis on a research topic in psychology, equivalent to 9 credits (or 16 ECTS); and
  • successfully complete 160 hours of practice internship in institutions and agencies of applied psychology, equivalent to 9 credits (14 ECTS).

The sum total of credits of the program of studies is 180, which are equivalent to 241.5 ECTS.

Download the Study Guide for detailed information on the program of studies of the Degree in Psychology.