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Students’ requirements in order to receive their degree, include attendance and successful exams completion in courses with specific credit and teaching units. The credit units (ECTS) correspond to the student workload according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), thereby ensuring international academic recognition of their studies. The teaching units (TU) refer to the weekly teaching hours of a course.

The number of credit units (ECTS) required for the Psychology course is 240 ECTS, while the number of the required teaching units is 172.

More specifically, for the successful completion of the Psychology course and the Degree in Psychology the students must:

  • Attend and successfully complete 21 compulsory Psychology courses (105 ECTS, 63 TU)
  • Attend and successfully complete 20 elective Psychology courses (80 ECTS, 60 TU)
  • Attend and successfully complete 9 elective courses from other Departments (27 ECTS, 27 TU)
  • Successfully complete an internship practice in institutions and organizations, where Psychology is applied (12 ECTS, 10 TU)
  • Successfully write a Degree Thesis (16 ECTS, 12 UT) or alternatively, attend and successful complete 4 elective Psychology courses which are aggregated in an equal number of credit units.

Download the Student Handbook for detailed information on the program of studies of the Degree in Psychology.